Abandon All Artichokes

Designers: Emma Larkins

Publisher: Gamewright

Somehow, you’ve ended up in a world where everyone hates artichokes and you’ve grown too many. This leaves you with only one option, as the game would say. In this deckbuilder with fantastic art from Bonnie Peng, players are challenged to draw a hand of cards that contains no artichokes. The problem is, they start with a deck that’s exclusively artichokes! This forces them to engage with more vegetables with a variety of fun effects.

Deckbuilding can be a challenging genre for players, which is part of what made this title an unexpected delight. Clever design allowed for a more streamlined title with a bit of fun luck to it, making for a game that makes a popular board game genre appealing to new gamers, as well.

What Our Committee Is Saying

What makes Abandon All Artichokes remarkable is that it takes the deck-building concept and makes it very accessible even to younger audiences (I played it with my six-year-old daughter and she picked it up easily).

Jonathan Liu

Abandon All Artichokes is adorable.

Amber Cook

Photos courtesy of What’s Eric Playing?. All rights reserved.

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