Casual Games

Games that are approachable and appealing to gamers at all levels of experience. Play times typically fall into the 30-60 minute play time.


Winner – ShipShape

To earn money, you’re going to have to smuggle gold and contraband on the high seas and prepare yourself for battle with cannons. Just make sure you don’t cover up your most valuable cargo by mistake!


Point Salad

Collect carrots, cabbages, and more in this simple game of mixed-up scoring conditions.


Try to perfectly hit the bullseye in this team-based party game of concepts, binaries, and justifications.



Silver & Gold


Winner – The Quacks of Quedlinburg

Take on the role of quacks, selling various potions and wares that aren’t in the least bit suspicious. But be careful! Too many of the wrong ingredients and your potion will explode!


Just One

Give a single clue and help players guess a single word in this quick party game.


Grab marbles and string together combos in this quick game of building up a marble engine.


Shadows: Amsterdam

Space Base

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