Casual Games

Games that are approachable and appealing to gamers at all levels of experience. Play times typically fall into the 30-60 minute range.


Winner – Turing Machine

Build your own computer from punch cards to solve logic puzzles in this thinky-but-approachable game of clever players and cleverer components.


Next Station: London

Redesign the famous Underground in this flip-and-write game of connections and stations and river crossings.

Cat in the Box: Deluxe Edition

Take tricks and choose your card’s color later in this card game that’s either about avoiding or causing paradoxes, depending on what you do.


Long Shot: The Dice Game



Winner – Cubitos

Make a name for yourself in the annual Cube Cup in this zany and colorful dice-rolling game that tasks players with collecting dice and rolling big, but occasionally losing it all.


The Crew: Mission Deep Sea

Trade your spacesuit for a diving helmet in this follow-up to last year’s ATTA winner with 30 new missions and even more varied Mission Cards.

Whirling Witchcraft

Brew with your cauldron to try and force your opponent’s workbench to bubble over in this aggressive and beautiful engine-building game.


7 Wonders: Architects

Summer Camp


Winner – The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

With over 50 cooperative trick-taking missions, you’ll be in for a long trip as you’re making your way to a mysterious new planet in The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine.



Identify monsters based on mostly-accurate descriptions in this drawing-based party game.

Nova Luna

You’ll have to successfully manage both your time and your turns if you want to win this colorful tile-laying game.


Rosetta: The Lost Language



Winner – ShipShape

To earn money, you’re going to have to smuggle gold and contraband on the high seas and prepare yourself for battle with cannons. Just make sure you don’t cover up your most valuable cargo by mistake!


Point Salad

Collect carrots, cabbages, and more in this simple game of mixed-up scoring conditions.


Try to perfectly hit the bullseye in this team-based party game of concepts, binaries, and justifications.



Silver & Gold


Winner – The Quacks of Quedlinburg

Take on the role of quacks, selling various potions and wares that aren’t in the least bit suspicious. But be careful! Too many of the wrong ingredients and your potion will explode!


Just One

Give a single clue and help players guess a single word in this quick party game.


Grab marbles and string together combos in this quick game of building up a marble engine.


Shadows: Amsterdam

Space Base

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