Chronicles of Crime

Designer: David Circurel

Publisher: Lucky Duck Games

Players work together as London’s finest and solve a variety of violent crimes, scanning cards with their phones to question suspects, enter clues into evidence, and crack the case! The game comes with five scenarios, with more available to download.

Using an app, players spend sixty to ninety minutes working through a crime scenario that will take them across London. The app allows players to scan QR codes on the cards to interact with various things inside the game, which is necessary to get enough information to solve the case. Though the scenarios are likely to be a bit too mature for young players, the cooperative game system is simple to get into but challenging to complete fully.

What Our Committee Is Saying

The first time we played it we were wowed; just wowed. … Honestly, I had so much fun with this game.

Suzanne Sheldon

I’ll admit that I was skeptical of the concept when I first played, but it’s a smart game system and it definitely won me over.

Eric Yurko

Photos courtesy of What’s Eric Playing?. All rights reserved.

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