Dominations: Road to Civilization

Designers: Éric Dubus, Olivier Melison

Publisher: Holy Grail Games

In Dominations, players must take a fledgling civilization and build it into a sprawling nation over three Ages. As they do, they’ll be gaining roles and building monuments to make their mark on the world. This civilization game doesn’t pull its punches: you’ll need to keep an eye on everything if you want to win!

A solidly complex title, Dominations will easily take an hour or longer to play. To get anything done, you’ll need to place tiles and accrue Knowledge across six Domains. Once you have Knowledge, you can build Cities and Monuments or use that Knowledge to develop Mastery Cards. These various systems are the levers by which you propel your budding civilization to lasting greatness!

What Our Committee Is Saying

[Dominations is] a massive orchestra of a game: you don’t always see or hear certain things in the background, but Dominations is designed to bring certain mechanics (like roles, or Locus creation) to the forefront at the right time for them to be interesting and relevant. … Dominations does a good job justifying its complexity, rather than just being two separate games hastily stitched together, and that’s part of the reason I enjoy playing it so much, and still am kind of thinking of playing it now.

Eric Yurko

Dominations can be such a satisfying game to play when all your plans fall in line until the end of the game. I’m really enjoying this game.

Annette Villa

Photos courtesy of What’s Eric Playing?. All rights reserved.

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