Lost Ruins of Arnak

Designers: Elwen, Mín

Publisher: Czech Games Edition

Over the course of five rounds, players will explore an uncharted (and uninhabited) island teeming with secrets in Lost Ruins of Arnak. While people may have long since abandoned these ruins, artifacts (and the terrifying guardians that protect them) still abound, so as competing archaeologists you’ll do all you can to learn more about the island.

As a Complex title, Lost Ruins of Arnak will generally run about thirty minutes per player and test your skill in a variety of different mechanical genres, such as deckbuilding, worker placement, and resource management. Will you invest in exploration? Try to do Research to make your way to the Lost Temple? Or will you work on collecting Tools and Artifacts to make your journey as easy as possible? Adventure awaits!

What Our Committee Is Saying

There are multiple ways to progress through the Lost Ruins of Arnak and various ways to earn points. This allows players to plan out and employ different approaches to their game play not just for one game but offering variability from game to game. To give it even more depth, you can play this game with 2-4 players using the main ruleset, or employ the solo variant to go it alone.

Nicole Brady

Lost Ruins of Arnak has been my go to game recently. I’m a big fan of deck builders and worker placement, so this was totally up my alley since it had both. I loved it so much I picked up the expansion.

Annette Villa

Overall, I think Lost Ruins of Arnak is pretty great! I’m very pleased that it’s not too complex for me; it actually hits at just about the sweet spot. I’m interested in pretty much every different system the game has, from the deckbuilding of the Artifacts and Tools to the Research Track to the worker placement and site exploration to the resource management that connects the three major elements of the game together. I think it works together quite nicely.

Eric Yurko

Photos courtesy of What’s Eric Playing?. All rights reserved.

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