Designer: Cole Wehrle

Publisher: Leder Games

Wielding multi-use cards, players battle it out for the future of the forest in this asymmetrical game of war, adventure, and general anti-cat sentiment. This is the next game from Leder Games, previous publishers of Vast, another asymmetrical game with wildly different roles.

Root takes a different approach to asymmetrical gameplay than Vast did, allowing players to craft, battle, and earn victory points towards a 30 point goal. Forming coalitions is the name of the game, but each player handles the game differently, from quests to trade to occasionally sacrificing some of their followers (at least, you can in the expansion). While this is definitely at the more complex end of gaming, polished asymmetry and fantastic art help make the game playable by many different types of gamers, earning Root wide appeal.

What Our Committee Is Saying

It’s all pretty different for all players… and that’s what makes this such an excellent game.

Nicole Brady

I’ve enjoyed it each time I played, win or lose, and it’s a world that I’m always glad to visit.

Jonathan Liu

Photos courtesy of What’s Eric Playing?. All rights reserved.

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