Designers: Rob Daviau

Publisher: Calliope Games

To earn money, you’re going to have to smuggle gold and contraband on the high seas and prepare yourself for battle with cannons. Just make sure you don’t cover up your most valuable cargo by mistake! Each round, players will work to build up their precious cargo by bidding on turn order, but you have to take the tile that you’re stuck with!

The tiles themselves are cut out so that you can potentially see other tiles below them, giving the game an interesting spatial element as players compete for certain resources. A puzzle that’s simple to learn but adds in a bit of luck and player interaction for added challenge, ShipShape is a great game to bring for game night with a variety of players.

What Our Committee Is Saying

I think that ShipShape is a solidly fun title that’s definitely sticking around in my collection for a while; I introduce it to new players when I can and I have a blast every time I play it.

Eric Yurko

ShipShape includes gold, cannons and contraband like most pirate-themed games, but the puzzle-like game play is what makes it stand out.

Nicole Brady

Photos courtesy of What’s Eric Playing?. All rights reserved.

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