Designers: Elizabeth Hargrave

Publisher: Stonemaier Games

Build up a feathery engine by getting a variety of birds to visit your wildlife preserves in this beautifully illustrated and strategic title. Players work to deal with providing food and habitats for these birds, and in turn they grace your preserve with their presence (and occasionally leave eggs behind!).

Expansions are already on the way that will add even more birds to a game that’s chock full of them. A tour de force from a fresh name in the genre, Wingspan elevates the engine building mechanic into a great game for strategy fans with stellar gameplay and aesthetics.

What Our Committee Is Saying

Wingspan is a truly special and unique game. Regardless if [someone loves] engine builders or birds, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Theo Strempel

Beautiful … great components … really well put together … Every game is also unique, and that’s why I really like Wingspan.

Annette Villa

Photos courtesy of Ruel Gaviola for Geek and Sundry. All rights reserved.

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